What and why IMEI??

International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) is a 15 digit unique number that every phone has. Sometimes IMEI is also called MEID. MEID is 14 digits while IMEI is 15 digits. Some providers like Sprint and Verizon use MEID.


IMEI contains various bits of information, such as the country of origin, the manufacturer, the model number and a lot more. It’s SUPER important that you know what it is and where you can find it! (What I mean is… just read this article :))


The essential purpose of IMEI is to identify mobile phones and basically give each of them a separate identity. IMEI can be use to find information about the phone and you can use it to track stolen phone. And obviously, you need IMEI to unlock phones!!!


Where IMEI??

Now since we have answered the questions of what is IMEI and why it is important, lets talk about where we can find this big boy! There are several ways to finding it. Sometimes, just dialing *#06# on the phone gives an error or just doesn’t work.


Sooo… Always start by dialing *#06# and see if IMEI appears on the screen. If there’s something wrong, here’s what you can do:


How to find IMEI on iPhone

  • Look at the back side

The iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, and the original iPhone have the IMEI number engraved on the back of the phone, near the bottom.

  • Go to Settings>General>About>IMEI/MEID

This is that easy!! If you want to copy IMEI/MEID, just press and hold the IMEI/MEID button for a few seconds.

  • Use iTunes

Plug your phone to the computer and open the iTunes app. Select you iPhones from the Device menu and click the Summary Tab. Next, click the “Phone Number” entry next to the image of your iPhone. And there you have it!! This is a long way but it works.


How to find IMEI on Android

  • Settings>About Phone> Status

Look through. You might have to scroll down to find IMEI number. Aaaandd sorry Android users, you can’t copy the IMEI number. Gotta write it down

  • On the back of the battery

You have to turn off your phone for this :(. Gently, remove the back of your phone and take out the battery. There is no certain place you can find the IMEI number becaue it varies from phone to phone, but it is usually on the corner somewhere. Good luck finding it!! 🙂


Universal (Potential) ways to find IMEI

  • Look into the packaging of the mobile device. Don’t look into the booklet rather look into the outer sides of the box. There should be a barcode or some more info with IMEI number. Just use it!
  • Some providers like AT&T also have it on their account. So you can test that out as well.


You should have your IMEI number on your hand by now. If not, you can try calling your service provider for more information.