What does it mean to carrier unlock your Sprint Phone mean?

SIM unlock (or carrier unlock or network unlock) is basically making sure you get other services or networks on your phone. This is almost a necessary thing to do when you are traveling, as the network cost can be very very expensive. According to the Sprint website, “unlocking a device may enable some functionality of the device but not all (e.g., an unlocked device may support voice services)” 


There are two ways you can unlock your Sprint Phone. You can either go unlock with Sprint themselves or you can get a trusted carrier unlock website like UnlockPartner to do it safely. 

Carrier Unlock Sprint

Unlocking your Sprint Phone with Sprint’s customer service

Unlocking with Sprint can be a long process and it does come with certain requirements. Requirements include but are not limited to the following:

  • The device must be from Sprint
  • According to Sprint, the device must also be “SIM unlock capable.” This really depends on their policies with the model or just what they can really do. But if your phone cannot be unlocked by them, go to the next step for the solution!
  • The device must be or have been active on Sprint’s service for at least 50 days. For inactive devices, customers may still contact the customer service to perform an over-the-air update which can help unlock it, possibly.
  • The device must also be in good standing, which usually means no payment issues with Sprint
  • The device must also not be associated with any fraudulent activity. This is pretty simple because you just have to make sure your phone is not stolen or have been reported to be lost.
  • No outstanding problems with agreements or payments (yes, they pretty much mentioned it twice!)

To learn about the requirements directly from their site, please go here.


Eligible postpaid Sprint customers can request a SIM unlock by contacting Sprint’s Customer Care at 888-211-4727. Sprint Forward customers can contact Customer Care at 855-639-4644. 


Unlock your Sprint Device with Unlock Partner

Unlocking with Spring can be hectic, time-consuming and at most times does not guarantee successful unlocking. With Unlock Partner’s carrier unlock service, you will be guaranteed to get your phone service unlocked! Regardless of your phone model, this can be done by our expert technician in a safe and fast-paced manner. 


You might be thinking what’s different in doing with a third-party service when you can (sometimes) do it with Sprint. That’s because not only is this guaranteed to get unlocked, it is also permanent. Sprint does not want its customers to get network service from their competitors and the best way to get freedom for once and for all is to get the premium service from Unlock Partner. It’s backed with MoneyBack Guarantee if it does not work for you. 


It’s a one-time thing and it’s definitely worth it. You can read more about how the process works by clicking the button below!

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