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    This article will guide you through on how to bypass Google account on Android Phone and how to bypass Google verification on Samsung.

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    With the increase in technology use in every domain of life, security issues have become very crucial. Internet today, has access to everything and every detail of its users. Technology based companies have been coming up with features that ensure maximum security to the users.

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    In the tech world, Google’s popular Factory Reset Protection (FRP) function has been all over the news since its launch. The Factory Reset Protection (FRP) option is an enhanced security feature for the Android users that was designed for mobile phones with Android operating systems with version 5.0 and up, which means it is an option available on all the latest devices now.

    Advantages of Factory Reset Protection (Frp Bypass):

    1. The Factory Reset Protection feature has been designed to protect the mobile phones from unauthorized use.
    2. In case your mobile phone is stolen or lost, if the Factory Reset Protection is turned on, an unauthorized person in case of misplacement cannot misuse your mobile phone.
    3. The Factory Reset Protection allows the users data security and protection by locking the phone to keep the data secure till the owner of the phone gets it back.

    Just like everything else, with the brighter sides to Factory Reset Protection there are some darker sides to Factory Reset Protection as well.  

    Disadvantages of Factory Reset Protection:

    1. In case you forget your Google account username and password, unfortunately there is nothing that can be done to unlock the phone or to bypass the Google account verification.
    2. If you buy a second hand mobile phone in which the Factory Reset Protection option had been turned on by the previous owner of the phone and you do not know the username and password verified on that phone then the mobile phone will be locked at some point in time. Therefore, it is necessary that if you buy a second hand mobile phone do check if the Factory Reset Protection option is turned on. Do ask the seller for the username and password when you buy to avoid any sort of future problems.

    Along with Google, Samsung has its own reactivation lock features and options as well. In case both are turned on, the double verification makes it much more harder to authorize and reset the factory settings for an individual.

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    How to Remove or Bypass FRP Samsung Of Google Account

    Here you can also find instructions on how to bypass Google phone verification. This is pretty much obvious that the factory reset can be performed on a Factory Reset Protection enabled device. For doing so, the user will have to log in to the Google account that had been previously verified and registered on the mobile phone while turning on the Factory Reset Protection feature.

    It is important that the username and password must be known and remembered for the future use of the Factory Reset Protection feature. In case the username and password of the Google account is lost, the device cannot be reset and hence will be locked. In fact there is nothing that could be done in that case.

    Then What Should Be Done For Samsung FRP Bypass?

    Due to the intense security policies of both Google and Samsung, there is nothing that can be done to bypass the Google verification. An expert or a third party can help to bypass the Factory Reset Protection of your phone. If you need such help, we can help you in bypassing your Samsung FRP.  

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